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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Sooooo, I walked outside and winter slapped me right in the face this morning, how rude! Mist so dense you can hardly see anything in front of you and woolly jerseys so thick you can hardly move. Yes people, it is my favourite time of the year, snuggly-wuggly-scrappy weather! It's so much more fun staying indoors and you can get so much more scrapping done! We have put together 6 more kits last week for your scrapping pleasure, and from the first week in June we will be releasing our brand new "Speedy Scrap Packs". These pack will be all assembly. We will pre-cut all the pieces and you will get notes as well. All you need to do, is chalk and stick. (I can almost hear myself reciting that in my head...chalk and stick...chalk and stick) They are perfect for the Scrapper-On-The-Go and you can finish them in under an hour...without any disturbances of course. There will be a new one every week, released on Wednesdays. They will be so quick and easy, you can come do them in your lunch break! So, come join us for a cuppa-premium-java and good conversation. See you soon!!

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